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Pro-Cut SMV

Monitoring cutting room productivity is not done in most factories, however, many times poor work supply from the Cutting Room causes major production losses. It is essential to factory performance that the cutting room is intelligently managed and controlled and with this in mind we have, through our considerable expertise, developed Pro-Cut-SMV. It is a fact that different styles have a great effect on the cutting room’s ability to supply sufficient work, for example:
Some styles have lots of fusing, -- can the fusing department cope?
How do you manage the workload when producing checks or stripes?
What is the effect of small orders?
How can you balance the work properly to satisfy the demands of all of the production lines?
All these questions can be answered using Pro-Cut-SMV.

In conjunction with our Pro-Cut system we are now able to establish a database of standard ‘Standard times’ for all operations within the cutting room and to monitor Work in Progress through out this department.

Pro-Cut-SMV was developed to:

  1. Monitor the performance of all departments within the cutting room
  2. Monitor Work In Progress
  3. Make sure that all component parts to an order are cut together
  4. Simplify time and method study practices for Cutting operations
  5. Overcome the difficulties of producing accurate Standard Times

How it works

  • Studies are carried out on every activity for all processes in the cutting room.
  • A sequence of operations required for the style is developed.
  • A “Data Card” containing details of the style is set up.
  • After marker planning the details are available for marker length, plies, number of sizes etc.
  • The above information is then used to generate standard times for every activity.
  • Bar-coded tickets are produced for every operation. These are scanned at regular intervals (2 hourly) during the day.

We are then able to monitor performance for the following processes:

  • Laying up
  • Straight knife cutting
  • Round Knife cutting
  • Band knife cutting
  • Fusing
  • Re-Cutting
  • Re laying
  • Matching Stripes and blocks
  • Numbering
  • Sorting

Times are established well in advance using Pro-Cut SMV and by using the techniques developed in our Pro-Man system we are able to produce bar-coded tickets giving the required information for the control of the labour force and Work in Progress in this department.


  1. Management decisions based on the current situation not history.
  2. Reduction of data collection personnel.
  3. Freeing supervisors and Managers to manage
  4. Control of Labour ratios to ensure accurate recoveries.
  5. Part of a totally integrated production control system.
  6. Links and other applications.
  7. Better and more efficient data flow between systems and departments.
  8. Better trained and more informed personnel.
  9. Quicker reaction to customers needs.
  10. Improved customer satisfaction.
  11. Improved communication.
  12. Total Work in Progress Control.
  13. Simple for operators to understand.
  14. Quick and accurate.
  15. Print what you require only, it may be the case that some of the reports are used intermittently.
  16. Transport information into Spread sheet applications.
  17. It is easy to learn and apply.
  18. Monitors cutting room efficiency.
  19. Produces accurate production figures for all functions automatically.
  20. Monitors WIP.
  21. It will improve production planning and control procedures.
  22. Work-in-progress feedback is earlier and is accurate.
  23. It will lead to accurate style costing for cutting operations.
  24. Can calculate the time it will take to cut an order.
  25. Can establish cutting costs for new orders.
  26. Can establish a cost per unit for cutting different order quantities.
  27. Can plan the cutting room more effectively.
  28. Will make you aware of cutting overload before it happens.
  29. Proper targets can be established for each function within this department.
  30. Inefficiencies will be easy to identify.
  31. Automatic emails to head office.
  32. All of the above points lead to better management control and considerable cost savings.

Reports from the system

The following reports are available:

  1. Efficiencies of all departments within the cutting room.
  2. Work in progress at all stages per lay per cut.
  3. Planned lays per order and the position of each one.
  4. Cutting room output for each department.
  5. Departmental labour requirements for each order.