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Quality training comprises of a range of short courses aimed at different quality control procedures for different levels of people required in a garment factory.

Quality for the supervisor focuses on the cost of Quality, Basic Material Technology, Recognition of Internal and External Customer Requirements, basic manufacturing and product technology, types and application of product technology, types and applications of measuring tools, the value and importance of quality standards, basic recording and reporting systems, basic inspection methods and techniques

Course Outline:

Module 1 An Introduction to Quality in your company

  • A Quality outline & the importance of quality,
  • Checking a garment,
  • Identify the customer & the effect upon quality,
  • Design and pattern importance to the principles of quality,
  • Material Technology,
  • Operation Breakdown – why, how, when,
  • Garment Specification,
  • Pre-production issues – including Red & Black seals,

Module 2 Theoretical Aspect of Quality in Clothing

  • Stitch Types & Seam Classes,
  • Machine settings to ensure stitch conformity,
  • Common stitching faults common defects and possible solutions as well as critical areas of quality,
  • Housekeeping,

Module 3 People in Quality

  • Those influencing quality standards & their responsibilities,
  • Discipline in Quality – record and report,
  • Roving Quality Control,
  • Discipline in Quality,

Module 4 Using Quality principles successfully

  • Cost of Quality,
  • Methodology behind checking garments for quality faults & practical exercises,
  • Inspection Techniques,
  • End line examination & inspection,
  • Auditing,
  • Quality Appraisal,
  • Quality Circles.