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Software Solutions

We offer advanced IT/Software solutions for productivity and efficiency enhancement of the sewn product industry.We help you speed your efficiency and reliability by introducing various IT modules. Whether it involves keeping a track of everything utilized in the fabric room to simplifying the filling of checklist applications digitally or getting instant access to reports—our expertise in technology enables your control over the business.

In the journey of consulting, we have developed software products that help to streamline operations and bring sustainable improvement for your organization. Our software solutions are:


Pro-SMV is the tool you need to establish STANDARD TIMES and BEST METHODS for all of your operations so that you can measure HOW GOOD YOU ARE!

How good are you? Generally here in India the efficiency is between 35% - 45% and that is not good enough to compete against the rest of the world? -- You need to get to at least 70%

To do this you need to become more efficient – most of you know this – but how is it done? The following easy steps are the real way forward.

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Radio Frequency Identification is an automatic identification technology that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) to an object wirelessly, using radio waves.

Unlike Bar-code technology, RFID technology does not require contact or line of sight for communication.

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Fundamentally it will automatically produce all of the information you need to control the performance of the sewing and finishing areas of your factory


It is a computer system that produces bar-coded bundle tickets which travel with Bundles from the first operation to the last, each operation has its own coupon which is detached by the operator who does the operation and every 2 hours these coupons are scanned and a multitude of important information about the points above is produced

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Pro Cut

Fabric represents up to 70% of the total product cost and is therefore the single most important component in garment manufacture. It is essential to the success of the business that this, the most expensive component is properly controlled. It is not just a matter of having good markers (although of course this is essential) but also to make sure that fabric is utilized to the maximum. The purpose of this system is to save anything from 0.5% to 10% of fabric. The system has been developed over years of experience in many cutting rooms and has been designed to monitor every Inch/Cm/gram of fabric issued. It produces management reports to provide total control. The system can handle both Woven’s and Knitted fabrics.

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Pro-Cut SMV

Monitoring cutting room productivity is not done in most factories, however, many times poor work supply from the Cutting Room causes major production losses. It is essential to factory performance that the cutting room is intelligently managed and controlled and with this in mind we have, through our considerable expertise, developed Pro-Cut-SMV. It is a fact that different styles have a great effect on the cutting room’s ability to supply sufficient work, for example:

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Pro Merchant

In the today’s fast changing environment, as we become more and more fashion conscious, every time we visit a store we expect fresh stocks. In the past there use to be 2 major buying seasons but now there are up to 6 seasons. Lead times are becoming shorter and shorter. Today the role of the merchandiser is not only to merely co-ordinate between various departments but they are also expected to perform each of the following functions.

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The following is a BRIEF description of our line balancing system

The purpose of Line balancing is to make the bottleneck time as close to the average time per operation as possible. This can be measured by the Line balance efficiency, which is a measure of the effectiveness of a Line Balance. Line Balancing is an essential step in the search for increased productivity and if done correctly it can improve operational productivity by making a production unit work more efficiently

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